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About the Man on a MSion

Who is the Man on a MSion (MOAM)?  I am a man with MS – multiple sclerosis.  (Yes, men do get MS, albeit in smaller numbers than women.)  After the shock of my diagnosis, I found a leading neurologist who specializes in MS, and I dutifully took my daily shot of Copaxone, but otherwise didn’t change my life and was fortunate to be asymptomatic.   

As a well educated professional, after about a year, I found it difficult to accept that there was nothing more I could do.  So I began to do my research.  It didn’t take long before I found the site for the Swank MS Foundation, www.swankmsdiet.org,  and read about the Swank diet.  Quite frankly, my initial reaction was that it couldn’t be true, or every neurologist (and certainly my well known neurologist) would have recommended it.  I looked for secondary sources discussing the Swank diet, and it was then that I found Dr. George Jelinek’s superb website, www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org

That’s when I turned my life around and took control of my multiple sclerosis.  I no longer eat red meat or any dairy and base my diet around fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood and white meat poultry.  As Dr. Jelinek recommends, I aim for no saturated fat in my diet, but in accordance with Dr. Swank’s program, I always ensure that my intake is less than 15 mg per day.  I take 500 mcg of Vitamin B12 and between 5000 and 10000 iu of Vitamin D daily. 

I feel terrific and have more energy.  I exercise daily (up from never).  Having been morbidly obese, I have lost over 40 pounds and continue on my path toward losing more weight.  My cholesterol has dropped so low that I am no longer taking Lipitor.  Most importantly, I have had no relapses or MS symptoms.  And that is the point of the Swank/Jelinek program.

Why is this site called Man on a MSion?  Because I am on a mission to spread the word.  You do not need to sit and wait for your MS to get worse.  In fact, you need to take action to maintain your health.   And you can do it.

My Personal Life

You may have noticed that I don’t have my name or other identifying information on this website.  I am a senior corporate lawyer in the financial services industry, and because of the widespread misconceptions about MS, I’m not open about having multiple sclerosis.   And if I take care of myself, I expect they will never know!

I am married and I have two teenage children.  As I have changed my diet, my whole family is eating better, too.   As the children of
people with MS are more likely to contract the disease, we make sure our children take vitamin D, the deficiency of which is linked to MS.

I am not a doctor . . .

As should be clear from my profile, I am not a doctor and I do not have any medical training.  Before changing your health regime in any way, you should consult with your doctor. 

I recommend that you not get into a debate with your doctor over the efficacy of the Swank diet, as it is unlikely that you will convince him or her except through years of better health!   As I discussed with my neurologist, even if this doesn’t help MS, it should help prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and your doctor should be supportive of that.

Contacting me

You can comment on this blog, or you can send me an e-mail at manonamsion@gmail.com.



1. claytastic - April 20, 2010

Thanks for spreading the word. I was diagnosed on 12/23 and on 12/27 adopted Jelinek’s diet. I have lost 23.5 pounds and feel so much better. Admittedly there are bad days, but there are always bad days, even without MS. This does work.

manonamsion - April 24, 2010

I’m so impressed with anyone who took control so quickly after diagnosis. It took me a year to do my research and find Swank and Jelinek. As you know, the sooner you start on the diet, the better for your prognosis. Keep on Swanking!

2. Colin Farrell - April 20, 2010

Really great to hear about your journey so far – I too am a man with MS found Jelinek via Swank – can’t believe neurologists are so unwilling to accept the obvious – keep up the good work – Colin Farrell

manonamsion - April 24, 2010

Thanks, Colin. We need to work on our neurologist so that they can help others. A lot of them believe that people won’t make the necessary lifestyle changes, particularly regarding diet. Truthfully, having been very overweight and a poor eater, and having ignored my doctor, I can understand how that get that impression! But with the gun of MS to our heads, it’s suddenly a lot easier to do what needs to be done.

Be well!

3. Julie Calder - April 20, 2010

Hello! Any friend of Rebecca’s is a friend of mine – what a wonderful website and blog. The male perspective was sorely needed – you have filled a void with great finesse and aplomb!

My name is Julie – I have been on George Jelinek’s diet for 2 years now (with minor modifications more in agreement with Swank). It has totally turned my life around and made a huge difference to my life. Recently I discovered that I had not been fulfilling George’s recommendations to the letter, in that I had still allowed myself to have margarine in my diet ,but I have now been margarine-free for about 2 and a half months with further improvements in symptoms gradually starting to appear!

You may have seen me on Rebecca’s website – my webpage is under her ‘testimonials’ section. Anyway, congratulations and well done for showing the world how things should be done!
All the best
Julie Calder

manonamsion - April 24, 2010

Thanks, Julie. I enjoyed your inspiring story on Rebecca’s blog, too. Glad you are going to stop using margarine. Those hydrogenated fats have got to go!!!

Keep on Swanking!

4. Rachel Brown - August 4, 2010

I also follow George’s diet and even though my DX has been a very hard thing to accept i’m very greatful to Professor Jelenik and I know feel I have control over my life and can get on with my life and do all the things I was planning to do, i’ve even started a recipe blog which I really enjoy.

5. Mandy - October 7, 2011

I applaud each of you with your Swank/Jelinek diet changes. I keep failing!! Im finding the changes are so difficult, and with no support from the neurologist world, its all too easy to ‘justify’ that one slip up again and again…Help needed please!

manonamsion - October 10, 2011

Mandy – For me, once I learned about Dr. Swank success with his patients, I felt like I had no choice but to follow the diet, religiously. There’s nothing I want to eat that is more important than being able to dance at my children’s (and grandchildren’s!) weddings! Any time you need help and a boost, just e-mail me at manonamsion@gmail.com. You CAN do this. You MUST do this!

Be well,

Paula George - October 30, 2011

I just discovered your site. Thank you. Had my first and only episode in 1994 and could not get a concrete diagnosis of MS. My husband and I take the natural path side on medicine and I was fortunate to find Dr Swank’s book on MS. I followed the diet religously for one year. I went to several neurologists, one was supportive and one was a complete idiot. It was his way or the highway and he wanted me to take medication by giving myself shots. I brought all my research and Dr. Swank’s diet and he told me it was bogis and that I had to do the shots. I explained calmly that I was in charge of my medical treatment and that I would not accept his narrow minded approach.

I feel exactly as M. does and Mandy, the thought of me being in a wheel chair the rest of my life made my decision to follow the diet very clear.

The diet is not all that hard to follow. It is a matter of choices you have to make. Your health, your life or all the junk food that our society has become accustomed to eating.

Try the diet for 6 months as a starter and clean your body up, your answer will become quite clear.

Mandy good luck.

M. again thanks for sharing your message.


manonamsion - October 30, 2011

Thanks for your comments. I’m glad the diet is working for you! It is surprising to me that so many people are unwilling to make the “sacrifice.” I will mention, as I indicate in my profile, that I do also take my Copaxone shot every day. Unlike the interferon drugs, it has no serious side effects and more recent studies show long term positives through the drug therapy. I suppose you could say that I hedge my bets between Copaxone and the Swank diet. For me, it makes sense to do both.

I plan to write a new posting on recent studies on Copaxone soon.


6. Buy Gold Sarasota - February 2, 2012

Nice Focus….

I really like the direction you’ve decided to take this blog….

7. Michal - February 28, 2012

Huh, what a story! Same as mine…. well almost – I have to push myself to follow strictly Swank/Jelinek diet. Although I’ve been on Best Bet Diet for a year now, with no big results (but also wasn’t following it strictly).

I’m a junior legal in financial services corp 😉 It seems that I’m also junior with my diet but it needs to be changed!

manonamsion - March 4, 2012

Following strictly is key to the Swank Diet! I wish I could say otherwise, but Dr. Swank’s research showed that even dieters who significantly reduced their saturated fat intake did not have success if it remained above 15-20 g per day. I shoot to keep my below 10, but I never go above 15.

You may be making things unnecessarily hard for yourself with the best best diet, as it is quite a bit more restrictive than Swank. While some people may have sensitivities to wheat, gluten or legumes, many do not, and Swank’s results were achieved without eliminating any of those.

Good luck!

8. Charlotte Sercombe - March 26, 2012

M – I contacted you directly and I can’t thank you enough for your advice and help in explaining Swank/BBD/Jelenik – I finally feel as though I’m not floundering around in the dark anymore! Without the compelling information on the web site OMS it is all too easy to cheat or as is pointed out – cheat yourself.
I’ve spent too many years in denial (9 wasted years!), thinking that because my MS wasn’t too severe, I ate fairly healthily and exercised I was going to hold my own. I’ve done HBOT for 6 years and recently I can’t decompress without getting headaches and insomnia, so it’s time to take control! I’m convinced this is going to work because I’ve had CCSVI treatment which gave me dramatic improvements for about a month then all the benefits slipped away.
I’m sure I can achieve the same results or better with the Jelenik diet and I am now playing the “how low can I go” in my daily saturate fat intake, its great to have something to aim for!
The recipe section is also brilliant on the OMS site and I am looking forward to eating something more exciting than plain steamed fish. I just wish results could be achieved quicker than 2 – 3 years!
Lets see how it goes – I’m only 3 weeks in!

9. geoff - April 19, 2012

Hi all.

I am also a recently diagnosed man (42 yrs old) with RRMS.
I was diagnosed on 2nd March this year, and just 6 days later, I was reading into swank and the Professor Jelenik’s diets.
I’ve also currently cut out gluten, possibly an over-reaction as i don;t feel I had any issues with it, but at the time, the best-bet diet was also in my reading list.
So far then, I am 0 dairy, 0 gluten and 0 red meat (only chicken and seafood and occassional eggs).
I supplement with 2000mcg Vitamin B12, 25,000 IU Vitamin D3 and also take N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Omega 3 oils.

I’ve lost 4 kg in weight, feel healthier and more alert than i did even 10 years ago (or at least before my wife and I had our 2 children).

i was offered interferon beta 1b, but i declined it for now. I live in Spain and am shortly due to return back to the UK and I had concerns about stopping and starting different treatments; furthermore, I wanted to try a diet/supplement based approach first since the evidence of swank/overcomingmultiplesclerosis seem to be positive.

10. Claire de Grasse - October 5, 2012

Hello MOAM – I just found out this week (2 days ago!) that I “probably” have MS but the doctor will not make it a definite diagnosis yet since I have not had a second episode….

Not good enough for me…this is my body that I feel I am slowly loosing control of!

So I’ve been doing research this week. It has been an eye-opener.

2 weeks ago, I could spell MS, now I am soaking in as so much (contradictory, at times) information that I decided to take a step back and do some basics. The first is adopting the Swank diet. The second is some B, D and Omega 3 oil supplements.

I am NOT waiting for the doctors (GP and nuerologist) to make a clinically definite diagnosis when there are a few basic things that I can do right away.


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