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Why we need to stay ahead of our doctors! December 21, 2013

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The most popular post I ever wrote was entitled “‘If the Swank Diet works, why hasn’t my neurologist told me about it?’ (or, Why the Man on a MSion is not some kind of nut)”; it still get a lot of hits off Google when people search for the Swank Diet.  Why?  Because if you are new to MS, it’s likely that you haven’t yet learned that while our doctors want to help us, the nature of medical education and research sometimes gets in the way.  I was put in mind of that fact when I read a great blog post on the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis website by my very wise friend Rebecca Hoover.  In her post, entitled “Suddenly patients are ahead of their doctors!”, Rebecca explains both the very minimal training that doctors receive on nutrition, and the stunning 17 years it takes, on average, for new discoveries to become part of medical practice.  As pointed out in one of the comments on the post, Dr. Swank started his study over 63 years ago and published his findings decades ago.  We don’t have decades to waste – we need to be healthy now!  This is why resources such as Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and Rebecca’s fabulous and informative blog are so important.  So I want to thank Dr. Jelenik and everyone at OMS, and folks like Rebecca, for getting the word out.  It would be a terrible thing to learn about the Swank Diet and OMS program in 17 years . . . while sitting in a wheelchair!


1. Charlotte Sercombe - December 23, 2013

I agree about the diet I feel fantastic again, since slipping off it for 6 months and guess when I chose to restart it?? Christmas but I do feel so much better.

Can anyone tell me about hemp seed oil my local health shop is trying to tell me it’s as good if not better than flax seed?

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