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The Man on a MSion is Alive . . . and WELL!!! October 2, 2011

Posted by manonamsion in multiple sclerosis, swank diet.

My Intelligent friend Rebecca Hoover has apparently received some questions lately from fans of this site speculating that things must not be going well for the Man on a MSion because I have not posted lately.  In fact the opposite is true – I am still Swanking, feeling great, keeping off the weight I lost and, most importantly, keeping those MS symptoms at bay!!!  The fact is that while MS became the focus of my life after I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, the Swank diet has allowed me to go back to my regularly-scheduled programming.  I have MS, but it doesn’t have me.

I just had my annual MRI, and was very pleased to find out that my disease has had no progression in the last 2 years (since I started Swanking).  I also have had no relapses in that time.  Do I KNOW that is because of the Swank diet?  No, I have no way of knowing that for sure – but I do know that I feel great and have reduced my risk of heart disease and stroke.   And I do know about Dr. Swank’s extraordinary results over several decades.  And I know that Rebecca, Dr. Jelinek and many others have had extraordinary results.

Yes, your neurologist probably hasn’t ever discussed diet with you, or may have even told you that diet doesn’t matter.  As I’ve explained before, your neurologist simply isn’t trained to think that way.  And I am not a doctor and would never tell you to disregard your doctor’s advice.  But this is not some crazy, strange cure-all.  This is eating a healthy diet.  Even if it doesn’t do anything to help your MS (and all the evidence says it does), the worst that will happen is that you will avoid heart disease and stroke.  Do you need heart disease or a stroke on top of everything you are dealing with?

So if you aren’t Swanking, why not?  And if you are, keep up the good work!  And thanks to any of you who have been thinking of me and wondering how I am doing!  I promise to do a better job of posting this year.  Consider it my 2 year Swankiversary resolution.



1. Dennis F. Juren - October 2, 2011

Thanks for the update!

You may be aware the Oregon Health & Science University, with the National MS Society’s support, is recruiting for a clinical trial that opened last year, examining the effect of the low fat diet versus a control group not following that protocol. It is a one year trial scheduled to end in 2012. I think they are going to follow the McDougall low fat program, which I understand is similar to Swank’s approach. Don’t know why they didn’t just go with Swank, since there is a record there. (clinicaltrials.gov)

There is also recruiting for an autologous mesenchymal stem cell clinical trial for treatment of MS at Cleveland Clinic which is also supported by the National MS organization.

It sounds like maybe the National MS organization has gotten the message from donors supporting the organization to support research in areas other than pharmaceutical approaches.

Are you familiar with either?


manonamsion - October 2, 2011

DJ – I was not aware of this study, but I’m very glad to hear about it, since the medical community has disregarded Swank because it wasn’t a double blind study. Of course, this study won’t really be double blind either, since it is impossible to disguise what everyone is eating! The McCougall plan is based on Swank, I believe. My biggest concern is that 1 year is not really sufficient to get the full impact of a dietary change of this magnitude; I hope that is isn’t used as further “evidence” that diet doesn’t work . . .

Be well,

2. Alan - October 3, 2011

Hey Man!

I was wondering how you were doing. You musn’t neglect your responsibilites to the community once you’ve put your self out there! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Super glad. I hope to have the same results.

Are you taking any DMDs in addition to the diet?

Also, regarding the McDougall study, McDougall was a acolyte of Dr. Swank and (according to McDougall) was tapped by Swank to carry on his work. McDougall’s diet is a vegan, starch-based diet, so it’s not the same. He also calls people on his diet “McDougallers”, while trying to pay tribute to Swank. The study has been going on for some months now and it will be great if he shows some results.


manonamsion - October 3, 2011

Hi Alan,
Thanks for your kind words. I didn’t realize that I have “a public,” but I won’t neglect them in the future!

I do take Copaxone and have for 3 years. It is paid for by my insurance, and because it has no serious side effects (just annoying site reactions), I’m inclined to hedge my bets. I’ve heard lots of negatives on the interferon drugs, including the flu-like symptoms and long term problems discussed by Dr. Jelinek on his website (www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org). I can’t imagine feeling like I have the flu every week.

I aspire to being a vegan, but I’m just not disciplined enough. I never eat any red meat or dairy, but life is just a bit too complicated for me without seafood and white meat poultry. But my saturated fat intake is always low, low, low!

Be well,


3. KB - October 3, 2011

Hello and greetings .. your blogs are always good reading and full of sage advice. As you know, like yourself I’m a strict adherent of George Jelinek and Roy Swank, and believe they have done an enormous service for we MS folks. I have recently added LDN (low dose naltrexone, 3mg) to my daily regime .. with nothing but beneficial effects. I must blog myself on that as, like your good self, I haven’t been active online lately – in my case because I had said most of what I’d wanted to say. In any event, best wishes and eat well 🙂 KB .. ps: that Oregon study your reader DJ mentioned could be worth watching (not that we need convincing) and it might be a study I’d mentioned to George a year or so ago that I’d seen on PubMed and been curious about. In any event thank you and DJ for pointing us all to it.

4. vybbob - October 4, 2011

M – Glad you’re back and doing well. Regarding the OHSU study, McDougall covers it in great detail on his website. He’s actually behind getting it started and I believe the participants get a training course at his retreat on how to properly eat. I’m excited to see the results but agree that one year may be too short. If you go to his site you can learn more and make a donation to the study.

5. George Jelinek - October 5, 2011

Great work MoaMS! It’s remarkable how many people have just this result once they adopt the lifestyle approach. I look forward to many years of reading these positive updates.

Be well


manonamsion - October 10, 2011

Thanks so much, George. Your great work has meant so much to so many of us!

6. Alan - October 10, 2011


Like the Professor, you stuck your neck out, which is admirable. We all need all the examples we can see. Since our doctors may not tell us that we might be OK, it’s important to see our examples.

I’m doing the diet as well. I have an occasional bit of turkey or chicken breast as well. I’m doing well, still working and want every one to give the diet+exercise+meds a shot.


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