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CCSVI, liberation treatment and what you need to do to treat your MS NOW May 1, 2010

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It is human nature to want a quick solution to our problems – the silver bullet that will make it better.  The recent excitement around chronic cerebrospinal venus insufficiency (CCSVI) and “liberation treatment” put me in mind of that fact of life.  The reality is that this is a theory and a treatment in the early stages of research, and you need to put your multiple sclerosis into remission NOW.

It has been widely reported – in sometimes breathless, overstated terms – that Dr. Paolo Zamboni of Italy has discovered the cause – and cure – for multiple sclerosis.  If only either were true.  As well reported by Canada’s National Post, this very preliminary research has been totally blown out of proportion.  And if people living with MS line up for unproven surgery, rather than doing what we know we can RIGHT NOW to treat our MS, the results can be harmful.

It is true that Dr. Zamboni has found some support for a hypothesis of a connection between restrictions of cerebral blood flow and multiple sclerosis. And the limited data indicates that there may indeed be a correlation.  But  it isn’t clear to me whether what he has discovered is a cause of MS, as opposed to be yet another symptom, and this doesn’t point to the silver bullet treatment that many media reports have suggested.

As Dr. Jelinek explains well, this finding isn’t even all that new and in fact was written about by Dr. Swank many years ago in his book.  And Dr. Swank’s work, confirmed by Dr. Jelinek, has already given us a treatment plan, albeit not a silver bullet.

The fact is that for us folks with multiple sclerosis, staying well is within our control, but, sorry folks, it takes discipline and a life-long dedication to changing our lifestyle, starting with our diet.  Controlling what is put into our bodies is the key to controlling our bodies. 

Does that sound like a silver bullet?  No, I suppose not.  But step back and think about it for a minute.  Do you really think surgery (as suggested by Zamboni) is a preferable solution to eating healthy?  I suppose there are many who wait for the heart attack and then have angioplasty or stents (or bypass) instead of eating right, but I sure wouldn’t choose that.

And I know that Dr. Swank and Dr. Jelinek’s recommendations sound difficult, if not impossible, when most of us first read them.  Take it from me, a man who had no discipline (75 lbs. overweight), it is daunting at the outset.  But after 8 months of living on the plan, I feel great, have lost almost 30 lbs. (and counting) and, most importantly, I have learned to love this healthy lifestyle and will never go back.

Do yourself a favor: if you are not a Swanker, commit to trying the plan for 2 months.  Really stick with it, see how you feel and see if you really want to go back.  The worst that will happen is that you will have a healthy diet for a couple of months.  The best that will happen is you will become committed and live a longer, healthier life, with less disease progression.  You’ll even help ward off cancer and heart disease (isn’t MS enough for you?)!



1. Rebecca Hoover - May 1, 2010

I agree with this assessment. There is no doubt that blood vessels are involved in the MS disease process but there is also no doubt that the involvement is far too widespread to be cured by “liberation” surgery. It may even be that the very small blood vessels are more important in the MS disease process than the large veins targeted by Zamboni. For example, scientists have found that problems with small vessels in the eyes precede optic neuritis from MS.

This is why our best bet is still ultra healthy living — a good MS diet, exercise, enough sleep, vitamin D3 supplements, fish oil, etc.

It should also be pointed out also that the idea of using stents to keep veins open in MS may be more motivated by economic interests than anything. A stent costs about $3,000 and if you multiply that by 400,000 with MS in the US alone, one gets the idea.

I am encouraged by the hope generated by Zamboni, however. Hope is always a good thing because hope sometimes motivates us to take effective action to address our problems. Using the hope generated by Zamboni to get going on ultra healthy living is ideal. At the same time, I think we all need to support research to determine whether Zamboni’s ideas do have merit.

Viva la ultra healthy living (and the good looks that come that come from ultra healthy living)! This ultra healthy living can be a fun thing. When one starts looking great and feeling better, one wishes one had started earlier.

Rebecca Hoover

2. Paul Dye - November 21, 2010

I must beg to differ. This site aims to get people living healthy. What is healthy in having stenosis(narrowing) of the veins? Proper blood flow is the essence of a healthy body.
Granted, we must take control of everything, but to disregard the venous system borders on hypocrisy.
We are obligated to eat right, exercise, and keep the blood flowing properly. The entire concept of CCSVI makes more sense than anything that has come up in years.

manonamsion - December 12, 2010


If research proves that CCSVI causes MS, I certainly wouldn’t stand in anyone’s way. But it seems quite unproven at this point, and the surgery is risky, can even be dangerous, and the long term results are unclear. I will always prefer managing the disease by managing my diet, rather than having surgery, if the dietary approach is as effective as Dr. Swank’s research indicates.

Be well,
Man on a MSion

3. jessica forester - December 2, 2010

The CCSVI Liberation Treatment could be the cure but fact remains that the rate of re-occlusion is stuck at 50% and MS patients being treated in the European and Asian countries end up suffering as they did, 3 months ago. While Big Pharmaceutical Corporations and governments in the US and Canada are coming up with new ideas to stop any advancements to the CCSVI theory (Like the superbugs, etc.), millions continue to travel to countries like India and Poland to get this simple procedure and no valuable data is recorded to support the CCSVI theory. Unless we get our position strong enough to support the CCSVI Theory, we will never be able to beat the Pharma Corporations or start the treatment here and many will keep suffering and dying even after having the procedure done. I lost my elder brother last month because of a blood clot in his stent. He got liberated 5 months ago in Poland. We need to prove to the government that this works. Non-profit organizations like the CCSVI Clinic http://www.ccsviclinic.ca/ are tirelessly working to develop safer protocols with teams of world renowned surgeons even though they are feeling the negative pressure from you know who. This Atlanta based Organization has started Clinical Trials for CCSVI and we need to support these groups because they are our only hope to fight for the truth. Without the valuable data that they are collecting offshore, the procedures will not be allowed here, in our own countries.

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