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It’s not just for rickets anymore . . . The Vitamin D Link April 23, 2010

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The evidence continues to mount that maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels helps to both prevent multiple sclerosis and protect the health of those of us who already have the disease.  When you consider that Vitamin D is something our bodies manufacture from sunshine, it surely fits with the demographic data that shows that multiple sclerosis is more common the further a region is from the Equator.  For those of us who are office workers with very limited sun exposure, it is very important to get your vitamin levels tested and take supplements as necessary.  I urge you to read Dr. Jelinek’s recommendations on this.

While taking Vitamin D3 can help, I am also committed to allowing myself to catch some rays as we get closer to summer.  While it is important to protect your skin against the ravages of the sun and the risks of skin cancer, Dr. Jelinek tells us that 15 minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen) is all that is necessary for our bodies to produce the maximum amount of Vitamin D.  Perhaps with the exception of the fairest among us or those with existing skin conditions, waiting 15 minutes to slather on the sunscreen shouldn’t harm us.

Because the children of MS sufferers are more likely to contract the disease (and the children of men with ms more likely than the children of women), I’ve had both my teenagers tested for Vitamin D levels.  They are now taking D3 supplements to get their levels up as well. 

With the weekend fast upon us, think about starting your gardening before slathering on the sunscreen.

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