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On a mission to help you control your multiple sclerosis April 19, 2010

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I am on a mission – or should I say a MSion – to help fellow travellers on the road of multiple sclerosis to realize that they are in the driver’s seat.  Too many of us feel like we are on Mr. Toad’s wild ride – or maybe careening through the dark of Space Mountain – without an idea of the path we are taking, but aware and afraid of where we will end.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Since being diagnosed in September of 2008, I have taken an intellectual journey that convinces me that there is a way to be in control of your destiny.  It isn’t simple or a quick fix, but it is proven to work.  It’s called the Swank Diet, and it can change your life.  Stop eating red meat; keep your saturated fats to under 15 g per day and  your total fat down as well (try for under 60 g per day).  Eat as much fruit, vegetables and whole grains as you like.   More information is available in the links at the right, and I’ll be writing more about it from time to time.

You are probably saying to yourself – as I did when I first learned of the Swank diet – that this can’t really work, or your doctor would have told you about it.  The reality is that doctors receive virtually no training in nutrition and are trained to be sceptical of any natural remedy.  When I raised it with my neurologist, a leader in the field, he pointed out the methodological problems with Dr. Swank’s research.  Dr. Jelinek’s website  explains in detail how doctors look at research and why Dr. Swank’s results are extraordinary, notwithstanding the methodological issues (in short, Dr. Swank studied patients following his diet over a 35 year period, but it was not a “double-blind study”, meaning both he and his patients knew if they were following the recommendations or not (which raises a risk of bias and a placebo effect)). 

I’m not sure that I ever felt that my life was as out of my own hands as when a doctor said to me: “You have MS.”  Now that I’ve been Swanking for 8 months, I feel like I am controlling my destiny once more.  I’ve connected with others following this path, and everyone I’ve seen who sticks with the diet has had minimal disease progression – some for decades.  (Take a look at my friend Rebecca Hoover’s blog.

I urge you to start exploring the links from this page and grab the steering wheel of your life.
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1. Alan - May 18, 2010

Thank you so much for the website. I found Dr. Jelinek’s book almost accidentlay one month after my diagnosis and it was a comfort. I started the diet immediately. I eat a bit of chicken breast as well so that I am able to dine with the family and have some sort of meat now and again.

There have to be many of us out there still working, keeping our MS to ourselves – perhaps smiling through aches and pains, or making excuses when we’re too tired.

That’s my question for you. We have the studies, have read Rebecca Hoover’s site – but just as you can’t pick up an MS Society pamphlet without reading about incontinence in bold letters (do they have some fetish or somthing?), I find no admissions on the diet sites that life is anything but perfect. Afterall, if you had no symptoms, you would never know if it was the diet or your MS was mild.

So if you can, do tell: Are you ever distracted in a meeting because of pain or tingling? Do you have stiffness or ever trouble walking or typing? I do.

Of course you need to show the positive, optimistic side of the diet so that people have hope, but I’d like to hear about how you cope with the challenges of working with MS as well. Thanks.

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